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Welcome to the Learning Enterprise 2000 -environment. This environment is a training and development tool, which has been designed for the managers in small and medium sized enterprises. Its purpose is to enable your company to be more successful in its business by developing better qualified and more motivated personnel and a Learning Enterprise which is prepared for future challenges and opportunities.

The idea behind the concept of the Learning Enterprise is to accommodate the principles of the Learning Organisation into a small enterprise environment in a systematic way. The purpose of these web-pages is to help your business to become a Learning Enterprise by giving you the tools to:

  • analyse future development trends within and around your business
  • analyse related learning and development needs
  • enhance long term capability development within your company
  The Learning Enterprise 2000 www-pages consist of two parts: Introduction to the Learning Enterprise 2000 -process: 
    Is your business a Learning Enterprise?
    - On-line Learning Enterprise 2000 -test
    - Basic principles of the Learning Enterprise
    Rationale for the Learning Enterprise -process
    - Human resource development within a Learning Enterprise
    - Learning Enterprise 2000 -process
Tools for the Learning Enterprise 2000 -process:
    - Downloadable interactive computer programme: Learning Enterprise 2000- training planner.
    - www-pages
    • Module 1: Visions and Strategies 
    • Module 2: Long term Capability Development 
    • Module 3: Learning Needs 
    • Module 4: Action Plan

If you are interested in developing your business towards a Learning Enterprise, first familiarise yourself within the  process by doing the on-line Learning Enterprise test and going through the rationale for the Learning Enterprise 2000 -process and then when you are ready GO IN and start the process 

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