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University of Helsinki

Photo: Caesar Paterlini Photo: Caesar Paterlini Photo: Ida Pimenoff Photo: Caesar Paterlini
Photos: Caesar Paterlini, Ida Pimenoff (3rd from left)

Welcome to discuss the most challenging issues concerning bi- and multilingual higher education.

Location: University of Helsinki, Finland
Time: September 1 - 3, 2005

Helsinki declaration

We over 300 participants from over 60 countries at the Conference on Bi-/Multilingual Universities, held at Helsinki University, Finland, 1-3 September 2005, urge all UN member states to intensify efforts to reach agreement on the text of the Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and to move forward to endorsing the Declaration as soon as possible. This is in the spirit of the European Union and the Council of Europe policy to promote all forms of multilingualism and linguistic diversity, and the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity.

The presentations that are held during the conference will be linked to the programme under the name of each speaker.