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Auli Toom

PhD, Adjunct Professor
Faculty of Behavioural Sciences
University of Helsinki

Auli Toom works as a university lecturer in higher education at Faculty of Behavioural Sciences at the University of Helsinki. Prior to this she worked as a junior researcher at the Department of Applied Sciences of Education at the University of Helsinki.

Auli Toom’s major research interests are teacher’s tacit pedagogical knowing, teacher reflection, teacher education and pedagogy of higher education. Her research articles have appeared in Teaching and Teacher Education, Journal of Education for Teaching, Reflective Practice, European Journal of Teacher Education, Educational Research and Evaluation and in edited books, and conference proceedings. She also acts as a reviewer for scientific journals and conferences as well as presents her work regularly at international venues.

Auli Toom is the Editor-in-Chief of Journal of European Teacher Education Network (JETEN). In addition, she engages in active dialogue with several international and national scholars via her scientific activities, including invited lectures and discussant roles in national and international scientific meetings. Auli Toom cooperates in a number of research and development projects focusing on teacher knowledge, teacher reflection and teacher education as well as pedagogy of higher education.

In addition to her research activities, Auli Toom has participated in the Bologna process development of the teacher education curriculum in Finland and has worked as well as an expert in several international teacher education development projects.